2017-11-01 / Commentary

Spotlight takes flight

By Peter A. O’Flinn

In my column last month I mentioned that you would notice some changes in November. The new and improved Spotlight News Magazine has arrived. It has been more than five years since we changed the look of the original Spotlight, with the addition of our gloss covers in 2012.

Juan Carlos Collada’s vibrant butterflies have taken flight on the cover of the Spotlight. Our redesigned cover allows us to showcase our local artists in a much bigger way. Butterflies are a good omen for Collada. I think they’ll be a good omen for the Spotlight too. You’ll learn about Collada’s work in this edition’s Artist Spotlight.

While we’ve changed and improved the look of our pages, we have not changed the way we cover the news and people of Southwest Florida. You’ll still see the unique feature articles and columns you’ve been reading in the Spotlight for years.

We’ve all been trying to get back to “normal” in recent weeks. After our extensive coverage of Irma in October, this edition’s articles are starting to look more “normal.” But like I said last month, getting back to normal will be a much longer road for some of our neighbors than others. It’s important for us to remember that many of our neighbors are still in need of a hand up.

Some of our regular columns that didn’t appear in our October edition due to our expanded Irma coverage have returned. Mind & Soul, Vineyard Spotlight, Koreshan Close up and Discover Lover’s Key will be back in our mid-November edition. Our readers have been traveling around the world with the Spotlight this summer. You’ll see their photos in this edition and many more in our next several editions.

We want to hear from you. Please continue to reach out to us and let us know what you want to see in our pages. Thank you for reading the Spotlight News Magazine.

Peter A. O’Flinn,
President and Publisher

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