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Bicycles are both business and pleasure for Gustavo Pizarro

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By D. K. Christi

Gustavo Pizarro is doing what he loves with Gus Mobile Bicycle Repair. 
Staff | staff@swspotlight.com Gustavo Pizarro is doing what he loves with Gus Mobile Bicycle Repair. Staff | staff@swspotlight.com Bicycle racing and bicycle repair provide Gustavo Pizarro a lifestyle he loves. No stranger to challenges, Pizarro saw the opportunity to start his own business when hours were reduced at his regular job. He recently started Gus Mobile Bicycle Repair with pickup and delivery at no charge. Simple fixes may be performed on the spot.

His business takes advantage of his exceptional skills acquired over a lifetime of racing and repairs and targets them to precision bicycles that often range in purchase prices from several thousand dollars to more than $20,000. He also consults regarding the selection of frames, wheels and custom parts and will build a customer’s personal bicycle. He rides with a Naples team that competes nearly every weekend and he also puts in more than 70 miles many mornings in training. Fellow riders often become customers.

“Today’s high-end bicycles may have chains or electronic shifting devices,” said Pizarro. “Some electronics operate with Bluetooth technology.” Carbon fiber frames are often sized for the rider. The cyclist streaking by on the roadside with teammates in eye catching uniforms may have a major investment in that ride.

“I started riding and repairing ing bikes in Uruguay as a teenager,” said Pizarro. “Our sponsored team traveled to many foreign countries for races.” One day, a team member suggested living in Spain for a new experience and another suggested New York City.

“I started repairing scooters shortly after arrival in New York City,” said Pizarro. He took his cycling pictures with him to the citizenship interview and said the interviewer decided anyone racing and repairing bikes since he was a teenager was a good candidate. While he’s a fast rider, he never really had his eye on the pro teams who need major patrons or sponsors. He once rode more than 170 miles across Florida from Cocoa to north of Tampa.

Pizarro met his wife in New York City and they now are near- their fifth wedding anniversary. “We wanted a different pace than New York City,” said Pizarro. So they moved to Southwest Florida. In their home, Pizarro’s bikes take up half the garage for the repair shop and a bedroom to display and protect customers’ treasured bicycles.

“I repair any bicycles from Naples to Fort Myers,” he said. “I began repairing bicycles when ready-made parts were not always available. I can fix anything. I charge fairly for the actual work needed.

“I have the perfect life doing what I love for work and racing.”

To reach Pizarro, call 239- 405-9514. His Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/GUSMobileBicycleRepair/

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